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    2222== First Start == 
     24Please note that all buttons and selection windows have a tip.[[BR]] 
     25When renetcolGUI is launched, it's possible to have some warning. The first output is the following: 
     29In this version 0.0.7, you can apply rules on the collector based on the following fields: 
     30IN_BYTES: 1, 
     31L4_SRC_PORT: 7, 
     32IPV4_SRC_ADDR: 8, 
     33INPUT_SNMP: 10, 
     34L4_DST_PORT: 11, 
     35IPV4_DST_ADDR: 12, 
     36OUTPUT_SNMP: 14, 
     37IPV4_NEXT_HOP: 15, 
     38BGP_IPV4_NEXT_HOP: 18, 
     39IPV6_SRC_ADDR: 27, 
     40IPV6_DST_ADDR: 28, 
     41MPLS_TOP_LABEL_TYPE: 46, 
     42IPV6_NEXT_HOP: 62, 
     43BPG_IPV6_NEXT_HOP: 63, 
     44IP_PROTOCOL_VERSION: 60, please note that the IPv4 templates don't have this field 
     45ROUTER_SRC_ADDR: 0, !!! it's not a real number for a field, but it's a great function 
     48It's the list of fields which can be used for the selection of a flow.[[BR]] 
     49In the window, the first action is to activate the flows reception with a click on the File/ReceiveStream button.[[BR]] 
     50After, you can used the collecteor control button and entered a rule which be applied on the collector.[[BR]] 
     52To see all flows from a router, enter `0 =` where `` is the loopback who is used by the router to send the NetFlow export to the collector.[[BR]] 
     53To see all IPv6 flows which are on your network, enter `60 = 6` for field 60 (IP Protocol), value 6 (IPv6).[[BR]] 
     54To see all flows from a IPv4 address, enter `8 =` and after validation, the second rules `12 =` (8 is IPV4_SRC_ADDR and 12 is IPV4_DST_ADDR).[[BR]] 
     56If too many flows are received by the GUI, you can freeze the screen with the FREEZE button. Note that during the freeze all flows received by the GUI are lost, except if you used the record option.[[BR]]