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  • Configuration of your network:
    • routers declaration (spaces, an empty line is required if you have only one routers):
      debianFXvmw:/home/andreu/renetcol-0.0.14# cat conf/routers.txt
      1 router1 null
    • Accounting:
      • subnets declaration (tabulation and not spaces, last field must not be present if --enable-multisampling=no):
        debianFXvmw:/home/andreu/renetcol-0.0.14# cat conf/IPv4_Subnet_Aggregation_based_on_SNMP_index_MS.txt    24      10
      • interfaces SNMP index declaration (C for customer, B for backbone interface):
        debianFXvmw:/home/andreu/renetcol-0.0.14# cat /home/andreu/renetcol-0.0.14/conf/SNMP_INDEX.txt
        I 1 C
        I 2 C
        I 4 B
        I 9 B
        I 10 C
        I 11 C
        I 12 C
        I 13 B
        I 14 C
        I 15 C