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renetcol home page


renetcol ( RENATER  NetFlow Collector) is a NetFlow collector under GPL. NetFlow is a technology originally proposed by  Cisco, that is currently under standardization in  IPFIX IETF working group. renetcol works with NetFlow Data Export version 9, which allows to monitor IPv6, Multicast and MPLS flows, in addition to the IPv4 ones.

The main functionnalities of renetcol are:

  • Real-time flow monitoring (tcpdump-like)
  • RRD accounting for IPv4 subnet
  • RRD accounting for BGP AS number
  • RRD accounting for IPv6 links (new in release 0.0.14beta)


  • RRD accounting for IPv6 subnet
  • Top AS

see roadmap section for more details



Screenshots and graphic examples

  • Class of services traffic distribution for an IPv4 prefix: here
  • Real-time flow monitoring: here
  • Example of the different flow selections: here
  • IPv6 Weathermap of RENATER backbone (with  YANMP):  here

renetcol in production

  • RENETCOL is running since 2007 on RENATER backbone:
    • NetFlow is configured:
      • in full mode on:
        • 30 Cisco 7600,
        • 4 Cisco 7200,
        • 2 Cisco 3845.
      • in sampled mode (1 packet / 10) on:
        • 3 Cisco CRS-1,
        • 7 Cisco 12400 (IOS-XR),
        • 6 Cisco 12400 (IOS).
    • NetFlow Data Export (NDE) represent an UDP trafic at 80 Mbits/s in input on the collector
    • the collector received about 200,000 flows per second.
    • Features enabled :
      • Accounting for 4800 IPv4 prefixes,
      • Accounting for 402 BGP AS numbers
      • Accounting for all links where IPv6 is in native mode.
      • Real-time flow monitoring for  CERT RENATER
    • hardware monitoring