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Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#29 Check all functionalities core Release 1.0.0 task 11/19/08

#30 Check all functionalities in renetcolGUI component renetcolGUI Release 1.0.0 task 11/19/08

#31 Documentation core Release 1.0.0 task 11/19/08

#39 renetcol crash at launch in rules cache building if only one rule applied core Release 1.0.0 defect 02/09/09

#45 Add accounting/monitoring on filters applied by renetcolGUI core Release 1.0.1 enhancement 09/20/10

#33 IPv6 Prefix Accounting core Release 1.0.0 task 11/21/08

#40 no notification if sampling value is not present in config file core Release 1.0.0 task 03/25/09

#42 bursty flows detection core Release 1.0.1 task 06/24/09

detection of flows who are composed of many packets and/or bytes in few secondes. These flows (and debit) are not detected by SNMP monitoring but can create some congestion problems on a link.

#36 TOP AS / 5min core Release 1.0.1 enhancement 12/02/08

#37 TOP L4 Port core Release 1.0.1 enhancement 12/03/08

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